Perfectly in keeping with his entire presidency and his entire administration!!!

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Wow an entire opinion article that I complete agree with that didn't talk about DeSantis once. Kudos.

The only person you didn't mention that you should have is Obama. That wonderful President who employed Hillary Clinton to run his State Department, who then oversaw her own diplomats getting killed by Islamic terrorists. The same exact guy who was funneling money over to Iran that was then paying the terrorists who killed those diplomats. The same guy who is running the show now. His fingerprints are all over this Diplomatic murder scene. Six billion right into the hands of Qatar, who funds the Muslim Brotherhood.

A lot of people don't think Obama is capable of running the show. That he is also a puppet. So that begs the question: who gives him his orders? The Muslim Brotherhood? Globalists? Satan? At this point it's anybody's guess.

The train thing is really weird and made me laugh out loud. Guess who else liked trains? I'll give you a hint: They wore cool uniforms and were also socialists...

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