The USA has no national interest in Ukraine, full stop.

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Great article.

Problem is author lives in fantasy land along with everyone else that trusts mainstream "news" [propaganda].

Here's the unfortunate reality-

1. The victory mechanism in Ukraine was the political implosion and demolition of Russia via CIA networks, we know now chiefly Prigozhin's network. Ukraine was supposed to humiliate Russia while Prigozhin stabbed them in the back and caused their total, bloody collapse. This was to be followed instantly with inviting Ukraine to NATO and marking a US driven peace treaty while Russia disintegrated (literally). The war was supposed to be won by now and the political cost of paying for Ukraine negligible.

It failed, utterly, because the Russians wisely conserved resources and went over to the defense. Without Ukrainian victories Prigozhin looked like a guy with his you know what sticking out in the wind. From there everything unraveled and now Washington looks foolish to everyone who doesn't rely on BS like WaPo or DC think tanks to determine reality.

2. The U.S., or more true, MI6/CIA runs most of Europe's political networks. Bribery and blackmail is bread and butter in any democracy, all you have to do is read the true history of democracies/republics in Europe, check out the history of the Polish Republic for example. Today, most of Europe is MI6/CIA vassal territory and they will always act like vassals. They have to be whipped to do our bidding but always drag their feet when executing. Left to their own devices the Europeans simply won't deter Russia. They'll cooperate with Russia, leaving much of US control over European political systems in ruins.

3. British capital (with Rothschilds at the top) drives US intelligence, financial and political priorities. China is a backwater to London because it's on the other side of the globe. The once again US colonies are dumb pawns to be manipulated wherever British capital feels threatened. Europe will always be the core, Asia the periphery.

Not to say China isn't coming for the US. It absolutely is, but we are London's buffer, and we're a bigger more distant buffer than central Europe.


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You’ve got the wrong standard—funding Ukraine doesn’t require a “vital national interest” because we aren’t sending boots on the ground that require huge footprints with forward operating bases. Military actions that are force projection such as enforcing no-fly zones and Navy ships on the other side of the world and Special Operators training foreign fighters in security force assistance only require a military action to be in our national interests.

So containing Saddam by enforcing a no-fly zone is in our national interest…invading Iraq to depose Saddam would require a vital national interest and the military operation didn’t rise to that level and so it should never have been undertaken.

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Perhaps if Biden admin actually helped Ukraine rather than "just in time" barely enough, this business might be over. Whether Ukraine is still a totally corrupt nation can be debated. I find winding my way through well placed propaganda is more than difficult. It does seem clear that troop morale favors Ukraine "victory" eventually with an awful lot of dead troops to pave the way.

If anything supping Ukraine has reveled huge holes in US munitions manufacturing. Quite worth fixing.

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