Why are you wasting your valuable time writing about Joe Biden? All the experts concur he's polling, at best, at 20% and most think much closer to 10%. You don't even have to be an expert, it's simply common sense! There is no magnitude of corruption anywhere, that will put him back in the WH, none!

What you should be focusing on instead is the real threat Hillary is going to surface yet again but more imperatively, how!! All the experts are saying the same but no one is drawing up the blue prints!

We know for fact she made sure Michelle didn't even think about running when she exposed Obama's love letters about making love to men! They were censored for how many years, 17? And only now they surface? It had the Clinton's fingerprints all over it! And then of course there's the 2nd dead chef!

So when and how is she entering the race?

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"The Constitution created a strong presidency because it is necessary to manage a giant executive branch, act decisively in a crisis, and cut deals in the shared powerlessness that marks much of bureaucratic and legislative Washington."

Could you write a column describing how this is at all something you can claim about 1788 that a "giant executive branch" existed or was thought to ever possibly exist? And you have a history degree?

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